Post Driver

Post Driver


iD-110 Vibrating Post Driver

The New iD-110 Vibrating Post Driver makes driving posts a breeze, saving time and money. Featuring a 1,150 ft-lb rating for easy operation in a variety of ground conditions, and up to 800 blows per minute makes quick work of any job. The driver head will accommodate posts up to 9” in diameter.  

The iD-110 features a domed-cup and flat-topped driving head, driving spike to bust up hard ground to start your posts. Also comes with breaker spike to bust up rock and concrete with ease. Remove two pins to quickly and easily change out the driving head.

  • Drive post to any angle, and to ground level
  • Comes with: tool box, nitrogen charge kit, driving spike, breaker spike, domed-top driving head, flat-topped driving head, and filled nitrogen bottle
  • 1 Year Warranty

Weight of Post Driver with skid steer mount

1,250 lbs.

Energy Class

1150 ft-lb.

Thickness of Steel Plate Frame


Min. Skid Steer Lifting Capacity

2500 lbs.

Oil Flow Required (GMP)

13-24 gpm

Working Pressure

2200 PSI

Chisel Shaft Diameter


Blow Rate
(Blows per min.)

up to 800 bpm

Domed Cup Diameter

9" OD


iD-200 Series

Powerful Kohler engine with smooth, easy joystick operation and a post hugger with multiple post size adjustments. Hitch and mast have 16" of travel and can drive a 12" post up to 12'.